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Cognitive and Tradecraft Engineering

Johnston Analytics is a small woman-owned business whose mission is to help organizations solve complex problems in high-risk environments. We employ qualitative and quantitative methods to identify problems and determine practical solutions developed using cognitive and analytic tradecraft engineering methods.

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Johnston Analytics, Inc., brings more than 50 years of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research, particularly in intelligence and military contexts.

We help individuals and organizations create and test new ways to do analysis by
• Conducting applied research in individual and team problem solving and decision making;
• Diagnosing and developing new analytic methods and tools based on empirical data and the needs of the analyst and the organization;
• Training analysts in the use of new methods and tools; and
• Evaluating analytic behaviors, methods, and systems to conduct program and performance evaluations

Our public sector work includes projects with NASA, the Department of Defense, agencies of the Intelligence Community, and the National Institutes of Health.
Our private sector work includes projects involving the pharmaceutical industry, medical device industry, robotics, and health care education.


Cognitive Engineering

Cognitive engineering draws on several disciplines to analyze, design, and evaluate complex systems that include people and technology.

Analytic Tradecraft Engineering

For years, computer-based tool developers and analysts who might use them have worked in parallel resulting in an ineffective tool that does not get used. ATE is Johnston Analytics' unique approach to technology development that engages representatives of all stakeholders who work together in a collaborative process to create technology that is useful and effective.

Social Science Analytics

We use our backgrounds in social science and experience in analytics to help provide meaning to  and interpretation of machine learning data outputs. 

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